Corporate Communication & Reputation Management

Corporate communication

  • Communication audit
  • Stakeholders mapping
  • Elaboration of communication strategies in support of business objectives
  • Communication & media trainings for spokesperson and relevant staff
  • Speaking opportunities, events and strategic partnering
  • Executive communication, personal branding and reputation management


Press Office and continuous cooperation with media

More than 29 years of professional experience in dealing with central and local media Strong media department with qualified professionals

Full package of media relations services supplied to clients from various industries:

  • media strategy, media events, interviews arrangements, press releases, content development, media study tours
  • Develop an editorial calendar, pitching stories on key topics, signal opportunities Media Supportive Group for issues/crisis management
  • Preliminary briefing of the speakers ahead of media events or interviews: media environment and specificity, do’s and don’ts, potential Q&As Media training, including case studies and interviews simulation

Media monitoring and reporting

Daily alerts/ weekly / monthly reports and articles summaries

Media analysis, including graphics and statistics, reach and impressions, share of voice analysis


Social Media

  • Digital Communication and Social Media Strategies
  • Brand engagement via social platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, others
  • Strategic Partnerships to leverage social influence
  • Influencer outreach(bloggers, vloggers, opinion leaders in various industries, others)
  • Content strategy & management
  • Content creation & storytelling
  • Online community management and direct customer communication using social platforms
  • Video marketing

Monitoring and analysis

  • Online monitoring and analysis of websites, blogs, social media platforms
  • Recommendations and formulation of immediate response (when the case)
  • Signaling opportunities , threats and tendencies

Web Design / Web Copywriting / Web Management

  • Development of customized websites, both in terms of design and technical, developing customized CMS solutions . Technologies used include HTML 5, CSS, open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,
  • Day to day updating and preparing customized articles/materials for website
  • Search Engine Optimization for websites, based on latest Google indexing criteria
  • Integration of Social media widgets such as Facebook Fan Box, Twitter feed,
  • Complex Animations / Banners/others (as per client request)


  • Communicate CSR initiatives to the relevant publics;
  • Create awareness at the level of media, authorities, business community and public at large;
  • Elaboration of concepts and action plan;
  • Set up partnerships to boost the impact of the program;
  • Generate appropriate media coverage;
  • Organize overall implementation with measurable results;
  • Sponsorships and charity projects: professional counseling, implementation and follow up on results.

Internal Communication

  • Internal communication audit
  • Elaboration of the internal communication strategy
  • Message building and content development
  • Development of tools i.e. newsletter, team building events, special events
  • PR & communication training for spokesperson and relevant staff.

Our Capabilities In

Issues & Crisis Management

  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Monitoring and analysis • Understand client vulnerabilities and identify potential crisis triggers
  • Elaborate crisis scenarios, mapping stakeholders and propose strategic solutions
  • Design messages for various stakeholders
  • Crisis simulation in social media using H+K Flight School (social media simulator)
  • Create the Task force and elaboration of Crisis Management Plan
  • Draft speeches and press releases, official statements
  • Provide specialized trainings to the Client
  • Establish rapid access to media contacts (national and regional)
  • Create / Activate Media Supportive Group
  • Create / Use key contacts
  • Provide strategic use of digital tools
  • Implement crisis plan / media campaign / other tools
  • Permanent monitoring of all key sources during the crisis and post crisis
  • Continue post-crisis activities: focus on media relations



  • Strategic consultancy
  • Elaboration and implementation of Government Relations / Public Affairs strategies
  • Identify key stakeholders and mappings

Government relations

  • Establish and maintain contacts with key government decision makers and political influencers in the Government, Parliament, European Parliament, other public authorities and international organizations
  • Facilitate/organize meetings
  • Draft of official letters and position papers

Intelligence and documentation

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Monitoring political context: updates and news alerts
  • Signaling major political developments;
  • Legislative monitoring: follow specific legislation of interest for the client in the Parliament;
  • Macroeconomic monitoring
  • Sectorial monitoring


  • Brand PR Strategies & Action Plans
  • Brand engagement via social platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, others
  • Media relations and Media Campaigns
  • Audio/Video content development and production
  • Brand Activations
  • Online community management and direct customer communication using social platforms


  • Creative concepts
  • Creating various stories and texts for brochures and other promotional materials
  • Visual creative concepts i.e. logo, artworks, slogans
  • Layouts and DTP
  • Production coordination
  • Publishing, web design and digital


  • Event concept and flow
  • Overall organization: strategy & planning / implementation / follow up
  • Strategic approach and partnerships
  • Participation management: database / online platforms / call center / participation fees
  • Professional events / Business events / Technical seminars / International conferences / Road-shows / Study tours / Customer appreciation events / Training sessions / Exhibitions / Creative events / Team Building / Company fun days
  • Lifestyle events and sports competitions
  • Sponsorship management


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